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My name is Kathryn. Friends call me Kat. In my family I am the eldest of 2. My younger brother is 18. He is off to university for the first time this year. I was born in Redcliffe hospital and have lived in Brisbane all my life. When I was just 5 years old I started playing hockey. Played for 3 years before switching to Football (Soccer) in under 8’s. I have played ever since and still love it. My brother plays football as well. When I was younger I also did Jujitsu and got as far as a junior blue belt before giving it away to focus on football.

I am an animal lover. I have 4 pets. One dog and 3 cats. They are very spoilt. As a kid, I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. I answered very firmly and without any doubt in my mind that I would do colouring. That would be my job because the world needs a lot of colouring. If only I had realised, I could have got rich inventing adult colouring. I am rather fond of comics but figured I’d better get a real job. I am now an apprentice plumber. I love this job because it is very interesting and there is a lot of variety. I work with a great team and I’m learning new things every day.



Hi my name is Sarah, I’ve been an apprentice at Tradettes since 2016. I enjoy gardening and reading in my spare time.

My first interaction with the trades began when brainstorming what Path I’d like to take after completing year 12. I discovered electrical and with how much I enjoyed science in school, I saw reason to pursue it. I began a pre apprenticeship course in electrotechnology and enjoyed the theory aspect but felt the practical just wasn’t for me. Not long after completing my course I came across a plumbing apprenticeship being offered by Tradettes Plumbing.

My first few weeks were tough but now nothing brings me more joy than seeing the final result of a project that I put time and energy into. Tradettes Plumbing has provided me with a vast range of opportunities, an amazing, unique team, and a future to look forward to.


Duncan Duncan

Duncan has over 30 years in the plumbing industry – things have changed a lot since he was a fresh faced first year apprentice!

30 years has provided Duncan with a wealth of experience that includes maintenance, new homes, commercial and high rise plumbing and gas fitting. He has also had the opportunity to work in remote areas and industries that require a higher level of competency and an understanding of consequences (explosive factories, science labs, refineries).

Duncan is married and has raised a family (and pets!) and dabbled in quite a few hobbies along the way.

At Tradettes, Duncan is working towards making himself redundant, with his aim to pass his knowledge and experience on so that Tradettes staff and apprentices will truly be an all female team.