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Drainage Problems

Eliminate Nasty Odours by with Clean Drains

All the waste and dirty water that we put into our sinks and toilets has to go somewhere. It ends up in the property’s drainage system and eventually flows away to the sewerage treatment facilities. If there is a drainage problem, then the dirty water and waste products build up in the pipes. This can cause nasty odours to flow back up the pipes and into the house. With more extreme blockages, the dirty water and waste can also travel back up the pipe and into the house’s sinks.

As well as being unhygienic and unpleasant, drainage problems can mean that certain areas of your houses plumbing are unusable. Fixing drainage problems is a relatively easy and inexpensive exercise for an experienced plumber with the right equipment. Tradettes will visit your home and locate the source of the drainage problem. Using specialised drain cleaning equipment, we will unblock the pipe so that the waste flows away quickly and easily.

Don’t hesitate to call Tradettes the moment you expect your drains may be getting blocked. We will have the problem fixed in no time, with a minimum of fuss and no nasty smells or messes for you to deal with.

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